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  Welcome! An Introduction to the Course

Laura Quigley
Hello Rosie and everyone! I'm Laura and I fell in love with Rosie's style long ago when she was my wedding photographer! Years on and I have 2 little ones (aged 5 & 2). I snap pics of them all the time on my iPhone - my camera roll is always bursting and I have to back up and delete a lot! Am really looking forward to learning about how to make the most of getting great shots and different light conditions (I'll freely admit that I avoid indoors photography and much prefer natural outdoor light). For the purposes of this course I'll probably mix it up by using my iPhone (as I always have it!) and my beloved Leica, which definitely needs more outings! I'm based in Birmingham and hope to do my challenges during the summer hols, as I work part time and will get the chance for some outings with the kids... expect to see the Botanical Gardens feature quite heavily! Can't wait to get started!

Laura x
Rosie Parsons
Hello everyone! So great to have you with me! Please do say hello here - be super to hear more about you and where you're from :)

And don't forget to join me in the exclusive students only Facebook group over at where you can interact with other students more easily and also share your lovely new pictures! Look forward to seeing you there!

Love, Rosie x